Holiday Gift Set

I haven’t posted much jewellery in a while. This was a Thank You/Secret Santa gift set I made for a co-worker who has been really wonderful this past year. I was a bit stuck for a gift so I sorted through some beads to see what jumped out at me:

2012-12-19 21.18.58

2012-12-19 21.18.09

The pictures are not really the best since I just snapped them with my cell phone (I’m just glad that I remembered to take a picture before I gave them away!). The beads were a lovely blue-grey shell and it took a few tries to decide on the earring style that I liked best. She seemed quite happy with the gift, which always makes me happy!

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Cat Ornaments

Now that gifts have been given, here are this year’s ornaments:

black and white cat hand stitched felt ornment and orange and white handstsitched cat felt ornament

Felt cat Christmas tree ornaments

I am so pleased with how these turned out. I made about half a dozen for immediate family and close friends- I never realised how many of my family and friend own black-and-white cats! IN fact, I will probably make two more for my own tree to welcome the new members of our family:


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I am a Lying Liar

…I did finish a project in March! Two, actually! I completely forgot about the new star jars until I was straightening up my workdesk:

I liked the jar shape of the one on the left and finally did the “starry night” mix I’ve been thinking about for some time. The small jar is fairly old, so I went with a vintage silver. In the back you also get a sneak-peek at my current jewellery project; I found some nice reconstituted turquoise and am making myself a lovely necklace (I need to pick up a few more silver beads to finish it, but my gimpy foot has kept me out of the shops).

I also notice that I haven’t changed the calendar in a while!.

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Well, Dangit

I never did finish a project for March, unfortunately. I ended up buying a pattern from another crafter- I just couldn’t figure out how to shape the whale toy the way I wanted and it was well worth the couple of dollars to learn how to address the problem for next time.

Unfortunately, I did not have enough of my original fabric to finish the project, and one of my usual craft sources was all out of matching fabric. I then managed to break my foot, so hunting around for more fabric is a bit more difficult than usual. I still plan to finish in the future, but no idea when that will be. Whenever I do finally finish, I will post a picture here!

You’d think sitting around with my foot up would be prime crafting time, but to be honest I am very, very tired and mostly just read books in-between soaking my foot in ice water. (Not fun!) However, I am participating in a health-centered blog writing challenge over on Redefining “Good” if you’d like to stop by and see what else I’m doing. Hope you’re crafting!

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Crafting Month in Action

So, Crafting Month is progressing as am I (just very, very slowly). I am getting some done every week, and hope to have something done before the end of the month.

Based on a challenge from a friend, I am mocking up a whale felt toy:

It is currently on hold until I get to the craft store for more felt. I do have some ridiculous striped fabric that I am tempted to use- if anyone wants a retro-70’s striped whale, that is.

I was also inspired by a fun-shaped jar and am making another star jar. This one prompted me to order some new papers for a sky-and-stars theme. The new paper is slightly different from what I’ve been working with, so I’ve had to adjust a little. I will probably finish this soon, however, and I’ll happily post a pic here. Making stars is so soothing!

And then, there is always knitting, which I actually dreamed about the other night, but my hands and shoulders have not inspired me to work on anything for a bit. We shall see.


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And This Is What Makes Me Happiest…

One of my toys in the hands of a smiling child!

My niece with her new toy.  :}

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Ask and Ye Shall Receive!

Yesterday, I had one of my felt elephants at work. I accidentally left the toy out of our niece’s holiday gift package, so my lovely MIL will hand-deliver it when she flies out to visit later this week.

As usual, the elephant received a LOT of attention, and folks were generally disappointed that I don’t make them anymore (I might for a special child, but it’s a lot of work to make multiples).

A friend was curious about how it was made and I offered to teach her. I showed her a few simple toy designs and she really likes a whale she found on someone’s site. I haven’t drafted a new pattern in a while and mocked up a paper pattern, and viola! I now have my craft project for March! I’ll do a draft toy with scrap fabric to test my pattern, and once I fine-tune it we’ll make whales together.

I feel a little funny using someone else’s toy as a guide- I always feel the need to change the pattern a little so it isn’t a direct copy. I don’t plan to sell the toy, so I hope that I’m not hurting someone’s business. For you crafty folks out there, how do you feel about this? If I see something in a store and decide it’s cheap and easy enough to make it myself rather than buy it, I feel no qualms about that. But another crafter’s design idea? I’m just not sure…

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